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Hosted by Aprille Janes, the Bolder Business Podcast catapults you out of that ‘comfort zone trap’ so your business can be energized, enthusiastic and memorable.

This show is right for you when you’re ready to try something bold and different!

Now more than ever, your business and you as a leader have opportunities to stand out, share your message and create change through the power of your story. You’ll learn how to do just that as I share weekly tips and ideas to help you shine brilliantly and stand out from the crowd. The show also features successful entrepreneurs sharing their own stories of success as well as their ‘learning opportunities’.

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127: Laura West: Fill Your Idea Well

Who says business can’t be creative and fun? I consider Laura West a kindred spirit as she is a Passionista for creativity in your business ...
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125: David Kiger The Spirit of Possibility

David Kiger is the Founder & Executive Chairman at Worldwide Express. Armed only with $5,000, he started Worldwide Express out of his spare bedroom. Since ...
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124: Bridget Cavanaugh Strategic Optimist

Strategic Optimist Bridget Cavenaugh is an entrepreneur specializing in sales, marketing and social commerce working with Rodan + Fields. She runs a multi-million sales and sales training ...
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123: Aprille Janes Balance for the Busy Bolder Biz CEO

Balance: I hear from so many small business CEO’s that their business is taking over their lives. There seems to be no time for themselves, their ...
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122: Dr. Tracey Marks Beyond Burnout

Beyond Burnout Dr. Tracey Marks is a psychiatrist who focuses on working with women, especially working moms, to help them jump off the hamster wheel ...
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121: Aprille Janes Four Steps to Being a Bolder Business

Being a Bolder Business: Many small business owners started with something they loved or had a talent for. Then one day they discovered they needed ...
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120: Garrett Hope Composer on Fire

Composer on Fire Garrett Hope was born into a family that valued and practiced music daily so he has been performing on stages of various ...
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119: Aprille Janes The Power of Community

The Power of Community As small business owners, especially those of us working from a home office base, life can seem pretty lonely at times ...
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118: Dr. Monikah Ogando Thrive!

Thrive! While Dr. Monikah Ogando is best known for her expertise in marketing, business building and leadership, her clients and students share that her biggest ...
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117: Aprille Janes Marketing – Are you a Hunter or a Farmer?

Marketing - Are you a Hunter or a Farmer? With credit to Seth Godin (Seth's blog),  this episode follows the thread of conversation that Tom ...
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