Publishing for Kindle is a hot topic right now the amount of people who are actually doing it are minimal.

Leeza Robertson sheds expert light on this amazing paying marketing tool and how you can use it to enhance your business, build your list and elevate your expert status. Even if you don’t have the time or want to put pen to paper.

Leeza Robertson is a best selling author and expert book coach who works in both self publishing and traditional publishing along with offering high end coaching for her hand selected private clients.

The world has changed dramatically over the last five years and the way we share, impart and exchange information has changed right along with it. No longer are people willing to wade through a lot of fluff to get to the real information. Blogs are shorter, videos are shorter, sales pages are shorter and so are books.

Amazon noticed this trend much earlier than anyone else when it first introduced its kindle shorts program in 2005, now called Amazon singles. Surprisingly, Amazon singles is one of the most under-utilized paying marketing tools today in business.

3 Tips

  1. Do everything from an experimental point of view. Ask “What if?”
  2. Find someone who knows more about business than you do.
  3. Find out how to capture leads.


Favorite Books

Meditations by Marcus Aurelius (again)

The Te of Piglet

The Tao of Pooh

Finding Your North Star – Martha Beck


The Elite Writers Academy

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