Do you give up when things aren’t going just right? Sometimes plans fall apart through no fault of your own but that doesn’t mean you should give up on your goals.

Maybe there’s something you need that’s just as important as the goal. The real value in any goal is what you learn on your way to achieving them.

Listen in as Aprille talks about flexibility and persistence.

Aprille Janes, the host of the Bolder Business Women Podcast is a sought after speaker, author and small business coach. She knows that Bolder Women want a business that meshes with their life rather than a life they squeeze in around business.

Aprille supports women who want to step out with confidence to grow profitable businesses that make a difference. She helps them develop solid strategic plans and get into action, transforming their vision into reality.

Top Tips:

  1. Stay Aware.
  2. Take action. Don’t wait. Get into motion
  3. Express Gratitude. Look for what is working and say thank you.
  4. Take time to enjoy the moment.
  5. Make the investment in yourself and your business.


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