Maureen Knutson is a dynamic leader and presenter who has worked with women from all over the world. Her mission in life is to inspire transformation and grow prosperity. To this end, she helps business women create a durable competitive advantage and a magnetic company culture so they can grow their impact and their profits. She shows them how to use simple and powerful principles to bring their actions into alignment with their purpose and the success they desire.

Maureen’s successful 20+ year career in civil engineering is coupled with her 30+ year investment in personal development. Her practice of stepping out of her own comfort zone has given her a perspective and host of tools that make her uniquely qualified to serve as a transformational strategist and teacher. She is well educated in both traditional schooling and alternative practices which allows her to combine the creative with the practical in her teachings. And, Maureen has stood in your shoes. At the age of 48 she was inspired to leave her engineering career to become an entrepreneur. Five years later, Maureen’s emphasis is to empower business women to boldly step up, actualize their higher purpose, make a difference, and stand out from the crowd.

3 Tips

  1. Be honest with yourself, about what you really want and give yourself permission to have it.
  2. Stop under promising and over delivering.
  3. Be willing to take imperfect action.

Favorite Quote

“Confidence is what turns thoughts into action.”

Current Book

Infinite Possibilities – The Art of Living your Dreams
Mike Dooley

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