A common thread running between my guests this week was the idea of being 100% yourself, whether you speak in public or not. Sue’s story of falling off the stage and Cathleen’s story of leaving home to find herself certainly resonated.

One person who modelled that brilliantly in her lifetime was Maya Angelou. Her very human story moved millions and made us love her for her strength and wisdom. I believe one reason that was true as the fact that she owned her story but it never owned her.

Find your signature story and, as Stephanie reminded us, use it in service of those you come into contact with.

Aprille Janes, the host of the Bolder Business Women Podcast is a sought after speaker, author and small business coach. She knows that Bolder Women want a business that meshes with their life rather than a life they squeeze in around business. 

Since 2003, Aprille has supported women who are stepping out with confidence to make a difference in the world AND  grow a profitable business. She helps them develop solid strategic plans and get into action, transforming their vision into reality.


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