Publishing a book is one of the best marketing decisions you can make but it takes effort, commitment and support. Lynne Klippel has been providing that support since 2003, helping the authors of over 170 books get their message out there.

In today’s episode she outlines the process and what you can expect on your journey from great idea to actually holding your book in your hands. This is information you need to know so you can make an informed decision about when it’s time to write YOUR book.

Because you know you want to.

Best-selling Author Lynne Klippel has been an author, publisher, ghost writer, and book coach since 2003. She’s taught thousands of aspiring authors who rave about her ability to remove overwhelm from the process of writing and publishing. Her company,, focuses on the marriage of internet marketing and publishing so that her clients not only create great books but related products and services to extend their brand and create additional revenue streams. The books Lynne publishes are known for their quality, professionalism and contribution to the author’s business income. Lynne’s published more than 170 projects and taught thousands of aspiring authors .

She’s been featured on Lifetime Television, Working Mother magazine, and scores of radio interviews.

You can hear Lynne’s personal story in Episode 2 The Power of a Bold Move

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