Without putting the powerful word “No” in your toolbox you’ll always struggle to balance your business and personal life.

If you’ve dealt with the consequences of saying “Yes” when you really wanted to say “No” then Liesel Teversham can help. Hear how a well-placed ‘no’ can respect both you and the person doing the asking.

Liesel is the co-founder of The EFT Academy of Southern Africa and an EFT Trainer. She’s the author of “No Problem. The Upside of Saying No” and she helps woman all over the globe to put themselves back on their own priority list – guilt-free. She’s also the creator of the Savvy Self-Care Secrets Telesummit.

After 10 years in the music industry, and another 10 years as a computer programmer, Liesel Teversham started her third career in the emotional wellness industry in 2005. Her biggest eye opener was learning how unresolved emotions negatively impact our success journey.

Biz TipsWhen you say yes to yourself you will look back a life well-lived.

  1. When asked for a decision take yourself out of the pressure situation by postponing the decision. “I’m not able to answer right now. Let me get back to you in X time. “
  2. Use the word “AND” not “BUT” to let the other person know you take their request seriously. “I can’t help you with this AND I know someone who can.”
  3. It’s okay if new information makes an old decision obsolete. Make the new decision and re-negotiate.

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