An effective social media strategy is like learning to drive. Driving a car may seem like an optional life skill UNTIL you actually learn to drive. Then you realise just how vital it is to everything you do.

7 Step PlanSocial Media - Drop the Mask

  1. Identify your Ideal Client. No. Really. Do it.
  2. What platforms are they active on? This may NOT be where you like to hang out. It’s where your client is spending time.
  3. Pay attention to what your audience cares about and add value to their conversations.
  4. Define measurable results you want for your social media time.
  5. Schedule your posts using a tool that will help you maintain a consistent presence.
  6. Schedule your personal engagement on a daily basis and put a time limit on it.
  7. Most importantly – BE YOURSELF.

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β€œThe skill set it takes to be a successful entrepreneur is a different skill set than you needed ten years ago, even though that was the skill set that mattered for decades.” Gary Vaynerchuck, Jab, Jab Jab, Right Hook.


Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook: How to Tell Your Story in a Noisy Social World