The skills of convincing, persuading and influencing others is fundamental to most professions. Without sales there is no trade, without trade there is no business.

Pat Helmers teaches sales. Especially to those uncomfortable in sales: entrepreneurs, engineers, new sales professionals as well as to veteran sellers who are stale and want to grow He believes you can discover a selling style that fits your personality and industry. We are all sellers and his passion is to help you discover your inner sales professional. He hosts a podcast,, where he interviews thought leaders in business for advice appropriate for small business. This fall he launches his first online mastermind courses for small business called Selling With Confidence.

3 TipsWithout a sale there is no business

  1. Ask good, open-ended questions and listen for the need.
  2. Adopt a service attitude.
  3. Over-deliver and create raving fans.


To Sell Is Human: The Surprising Truth About Moving Others


There is nothing permanent except change. — Heroclitus

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