Julie Foucht, Kickass Biz Coach, helps frustrated entrepreneurs activate their creative superpowers. Her philosophy is simple: When we step into our authentic self and build businesses that truly express what we are most passionate about, then we have the power to change the world and make buckets full of money doing it.

Julie started her first real business at the age of 12, becoming a lifelong entrepreneur. In 2013 she was named Woman of the Year by the Professional Women’s Network of the Monterey Peninsula.
When she is not coaching her fabulous clients or hosting her weekly podcast, Ms. Kickass Biz Radio, she can usually be found enjoying tea parties with her husband and two tiny granddaughters.

Fear is there trying to keep you safe. But generally speaking in our society, we are perfectly safe. Fear keeps you small but in order to succeed you have to step out.


3 Tips to Get Past Fear

  1. Step fully into it.
  2. Personify it as a creature or person.
  3. Speak directly to it.

3 Tips Beyond the Fear – Look at Strategies

  1. Paddle downstream. Don’t fight the flow and you’ll move forward without effort.
  2. Bend over and pick it up. There are gifts that the universe gives if we look.
  3. The way is hard enough. Your genius lies in what’s easy for you.


We all have our wisdom. When you hold back you do a disservice to the world.

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