070 Joleene Moody-Client Closing

Despite her past sales experience selling satellite dishes and mortgages, Joleene Moody credits her ability to close a sale from her days as a television reporter and anchor.  It’s a really great story and she shares that and more in this episode.

Joleene Moody is a nationally known speaker and client-closing expert, specializing in speaker training and coaching. She guides purpose-driven entrepreneurs to incorporate their message to write kick-a$$ presentations and find or create speaking gigs that $5-figure paydays EVERYTIME.

Joleene studies what’s working NOW to help you make more money, build confidence and grow a lucrative and sustainable business and become the remarkable leader you were meant to be!

Joleene Moody with Aprille Janes Bolder Business3 TIPS

  1. Don’t expect an outcome.
  2. Think of them – NOT you.
    1. What is you want?
    2. Why do you want it?
    3. Why do you think you don’t have it already?
    4. What will happen if don’t get it?
  3. Go deep to the emotion attached to the problem.


The Success Principles – Jack Canfield



If you really want to do something, you’ll find a way. If you don’t, you’ll find an excuse.” – Jim Rohn


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