“You Inc.”
How to Use the “Power of You” to Stand Out, Connect With Your Ideal Tribe and Get Your Message Out In a Big Way

Welcome back to Part 2 of my interview episode with Doug Foresta. (Missed Part 1? Click here to get it now.)

Doug interviewed me for his program Stand Out and Be Heard. There was so much great information shared that he kindly gave me permission to use it on this show as well.

A personal brand goes way beyond signature colours and an eye-catching logo. It’s about being human. It’s also that know, like and trust factor. But what does that mean exactly? Listen in to our conversation and find out!

3 Tips

  1. Stop thinking ‘failure’. It’s un-success, waiting to be transformed into success.
  2. Share your challenges and what you learned. We can’t relate to someone living on a pedestal.
  3. Control the conversation. Decide what you want people to say about you in your business and then give them something to talk about.

aprill janes and doug foresta gift of failureQuote

“The real gift of failure is how it connects us as people with a shared experience and not some cold statue living on a pedestal.”
Aprille Janes



The Rise: Creativity, the Gift of Failure, and the Search for Mastery


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