I’ve been talking a lot about showing up as a real human being. About sharing your challenges and being open to relationship. But what about your skills and the solution you offer? Where does that fit in? Good question.

Up to this point I’ve been discussing the “Character” half of the Trust equation.

In this episode let’s talk about the other half – your capabilities.

TIPS To Improve Your Results

Want to improve your results?

  1. Take responsibility for them.
  2. Expect to win
  3. Finish strong.

Year End Review of Your Capabilities

  1. What do I have that makes me credible and inspires the trust of those I want to do business with?
    Make a list of what people say they value about you and your business.
  2. What experiences have I encountered (or not) that affects the confidence I have to deliver?
  3. What is changing in the marketplace that affects the relevance of what I offer?
  4. What skills will I need in the future? Which ones play to my strengths? What ones should I hire for?
  5. What’s my attitude toward improving and growing? Am I willing to invest in my own capabilities?


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“The quickest way to increase trust is to demonstrate a behaviour of competence.”
Stephen. M.R. Covey



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