KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON – The stories we tell ourselves

Everywhere you hear people talking about using stories in business. Usually they’re referring to marketing and sales applications but there’s another type of story in our business (and our lives. ) that have the power to help us succeed or fail. Those stories are the ones we tell ourselves about not being able to achieve our goals. Yes, there is stuff that gets in our way but it’s the story we tell ourselves about the obstacle that’s the real problem. Here’s how to use your power for good and not evil.


  1. You get to choose what story you tell yourself about any obstacle you face. What you choose will either stop you or build your skills. It’s the story, not the obstacle.
  2. Your desired goal MUST be bigger than your fears. If it’s not keep digging until you hit emotional bedrock. Build on that foundation.
  3. Start in your own movie and realise that everyone stars in theirs. They aren’t really watching yours as closely as you think so create the story you want, not what you think they want to see.

Keep Calm and Carry On Its the stories you tellQUOTE

“Like food is to the body, self-talk is to the mind. Don’t let any junk thoughts repeat in your head.”  — Maddie Molhatra



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