096 The Stories We Swim in


Like fish in water we swim in a sea of stories that have a direct impact on our lives and business. And, just like fish, that ‘water’ is often invisible to us unless we pay attention. And attention needs to be paid, because we need to be filtering a lot of what we let in or we can’t operate at our fullest potential.

Aprille Janes Bolder Business Podcast 0963 TIPS

  1. Be careful what you feed your subconscious. It produces echoes.
  2. Be hyper-vigilant for the ‘shaming’ stories that our culture tells about business people.
  3. Be proud of the difference you make as a small business owner.


“It is by taking control of language that ideas can be gradually changed.”   Rabbi Daniel Lapin


Thou Shall Prosper: Ten Commandments for Making Money

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