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Sharing My Story

Aprille Janes The Profit FormulaI’m a regular guest on the internet radio show “Interviewing the Divas” where I talk about business topics. Today the host, Candace Gish told me a lot of people contact her, wanting to know who I am as a person. So she put me on the hot seat to share my own story.

It occurred to me, that while I share my guests’ stories, I haven’t shared much of my own story here. So in this episode I’m following the format I outline for my guests and will answer my own questions because I’d like you to get to know me, too!


  1. Trust yourself. Listen to your body’s wisdom. It’s actually smarter than your brain because it know what you truly want.
  2. You can’t figure out your path ahead of time. Go ahead and plan but be flexible and adjust as new information comes along.
  3. If there are only two options and neither feels right, be patient. There’s a third option if you wait for it.

Aprille Janes Telling my story bolder business podcastQUOTE

“The recipe for success is simple. Try. Learn from the results. Try again.”
– Aprille Janes



The Artist’s Way


The Heroine’s Journey

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Complimentary Bonus: 21 Tips On How to Use Story in Your Business www.Aprillejanes.com/21storytips/

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