The Power of Community

brilliance Aprille JanesAs small business owners, especially those of us working from a home office base, life can seem pretty lonely at times. Sure we get to decide who we work with and when but sometimes we need that ‘water cooler’ moment when we can bounce an idea off of someone else to get their feedback. Here’s some ideas on finding (or creating) your community. Or maybe we’ve just had a rough day and it would be great to talk to someone who understands.

Find your community. A networking group, a mastermind or through social media. You might be on your own in your business but you don’t have to do it alone.


  1. AprilleJanesBolderBusinessPodcastYou might be a solo-preneur but you don’t have to do it alone. Being a lone wolf is a choice not an outcome.
  2. Celebrate and learn from your differences.
  3. Being part of a community is a generous act that doesn’t deplete the giver.


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