Aprille Janes BolderBiz Bolder Business PodcastBalance: I hear from so many small business CEO’s that their business is taking over their lives. There seems to be no time for themselves, their relationship, and the things they love to do. It’s the reason I’ve started asking my guests what they do to relax.

I believe the root cause is a faulty underlying assumption. In this episode I explore that idea and offer some suggestions to help you create that balance in your Busy Bolder Biz life.


  1. Get clear on your short and long term goals and priorities.
  2. Plan ahead. As you create your business plans be sure to include down time.
  3. Set boundaries. For yourself and for others.

Aprille Janes Bolder Biz podcast BalanceQUOTE

“Time can’t be managed, argued with or controlled. All we control is what we DO in the time we have.” Aprille Janes


Take Time for Your Life:
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