Strategic Optimist

Bridget CavanaughBridget Cavenaugh is an entrepreneur specializing in sales, marketing and social commerce working with Rodan + Fields. She runs a multi-million sales and sales training business from her home in rural Montana and is a go-to resource for thousands in her profession.  It’s the most unlikely geography for someone to be at the very top of her profession because, as she says, there are more cows than people in the Big Sky Country and yet, Bridget’s flourishing in a people-driven career.

Bridget is a strategic optimist and sees that the glass as not half-full or half-empty, but completely refillable.  Now that she’s mastered the steps to success in her field, her greatest passion is helping others do the same by sharing her failures and mis-steps as a way to accelerate learning and success for others.

Bridget Cavanaugh-AprilleJanes Bolder BizTIPS

  • Wish to be surrounded by great people.
  • You have to champion your own path.
  • Give yourself permission to fail forward.
  • DIG – Deliberate. Inspired. Get going. (Dr. Brene Brown)
  • Harness the power of integrative self-talk (Daniel Pink)


“Do you want it to be easy or do you want it to be great?”
Tim Grove


Going to the gym for physical exertion and riding my horses for focus.


The Big Leap: Conquer Your Hidden Fear and Take Life to the Next Level