Happy business woman working at officeYou know you’re building a Bolder Business when…

You want to make a difference.

You are driven by a sense of purpose. You intend to make your time here count for something. You appreciate the promise of the word ‘legacy’. You may even have something to prove to yourself but you aren’t driven by what others say or think.

You understand the true value of making a profit.

You aim to be financially successful because it provides gives you the resources and freedom to pursue your vision. You know it’s the fuel in the vehicle but not the reason for the trip.

You understand how precious time is.

You have none to waste. You want a business that fits your lifestyle, not a life you squeeze in around your business. However, that doesn’t mean you’re not committed.  You’re willing to spend some of that precious time outside your comfort zone.

You’re open to learning.

Being a successful entrepreneur isn’t always easy. When I made the shift, some incredible mentors showed up with valuable experience and wisdom. There’s value in learning from someone who’s “been there and done it”.  Their stories can help you avoid the pitfalls and accelerate the process.

That’s why I created this podcast – to share the stories and wisdom of some of the best business minds available today so that you can go faster and further than you ever imagined.

So? Ready to be inspired? 

If there’s a guest or topic you’d like to hear featured on the podcast, give us your recommendation in the comments below. We’ll do our best!